Keynote Speaker

I'm an experienced keynote speaker who can cover a wide array of topics, including:

  • A quarter century of political, cultural, and social change in New Hampshire.
  • Work/Life balance: What it's like hold a high-profile, demanding, daily-deadline job while raising two kids? I share behind-the-scenes stories, insights, and many mistakes along the way.
  • News overload: How much news is too much? At what point are we over-informed, at the expense of our well-being? I present my own experiences and what the research says.
  • How to conduct a great interview, and engage in meaningful conversation/dialogue. 

Speaking of interviews, people always ask me about my interviews with presidential candidates. I have covered 7 New Hampshire primaries and have lost track of how many candidates I've met. Here are a few photos from over the years: Joe Biden in 2008, Barack Obama in 2007, John Kasich in 2020. Presidential photos courtesy NHPR.  Keynote speaking photo by Emilie Talpin.  For more photos/details of recent keynote presentations, go to my LinkedIn profile or my Facebook page.